Angeles City Bargirls on Trike Patrol

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Ever been with any Angeles City bargirls before? You've probably heard stories from old Navy/Air Force buddies about how wild the Filipina girls can get. Well if you need further proof, then check out Trike a virtual tour of Angeles City bargirls and the bars where they work. These guys pick them up off the street and for a little cash, take them back to the hotel for a good time, filming it all for Filipina lovers everywhere. Check out a sample photo gallery of what I mean by a good time.

These guys from Trike Patrol must have a nice life. Making your living picking up Filipinas like these Angeles City bargirls, and getting paid to do it! They certainly are good at their job since their website has been updating weekly for several years now. So they must be doing something right. I know there is lots of Filipina porn out there, but if you enjoy these tan skinned beauties like we do then you owe it to yourself to check out Trike Patrol. We're confident you'll enjoy it.


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